El poder de cumplir tus sueños

Client: Samsung / Agency: CHEIL

With the new generation of power-phones, little devices so powerful that can help you do whatever you want and need, the people at FEELS got this idea to tell the story of an architect who feels professionally and personally unfulfilled.
Since we see the world through the eyes of an architect, and a dreamer, we choose an angular art style reminiscent of blueprints and architectural plans, focused on lighting to highlight the buildings and the structures, transforming this world in the oneiric vision of the protagonist.


Creative Director

Felipe Ortiz


Alejandro Orozco

Ricardo Reyes

Art Director

Cristóbal Cifuentes


Sebastián Collazo

Animation Director

Matías Lagunas

Executive Producer

Mauro Arriagada

Art Director

Felo Lira


Stopmotion Director

Soledad Aguila

Photography Director

Jorge González

2D Animation

Matías Lagunas

Valentina Vega


Luciano Chamblas

Industrial Design


Music / Fx

Miranda Y Tobar

Character Design


Key Frames

Making of